Seriously good food AND it’s a food truck (on a pontoon) on one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in Naples.  A visit to the southern tip of Keewaydin is complete with lunch from Just Beachy Burgers where the burgers are very tasty as are the hot dogs and fish tacos (they offer more, I simply haven’t tried them yet, but I have confidence everything is good). They are pretty fast at completing an order -and we always have a large group… though, with that said, we’re at the beach, they can take all the time they want!  We are grateful they work holidays and weekends putting in long hours at the beach. One shouldn’t be sad if they aren’t there when you visit, just feel lucky and eat generously when they are. I really appreciate their business, their quick service, and friendly smiles. (there are often other food-truck-pontoons also, offering beer, ice-cream, coffee, or t-shirt kind of stuff. Best party in Naples. (let’s keep this to ourselves… and be sure to LNT to keep this nature thriving)